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I am a human, and humans suffer from mental problems.
They label me with names; they sit and say “that’s a female, she’s looking for attention.” “She’s black and blacks live based on their past, blacks are stereotyped with the negatives.”
No one knows how much courage I have to wake up knowing that my brothers and sisters aren’t safe in their own bodies, knowing that I have to pop up my fro to show my nationality or race.
Holding these so-called truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.
That we are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights like liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But that’s unless you’re loud and black and possess an opinion.

I am not racist.

I wake up every morning carrying the problems of the world on my shoulders, where our homes no longer feel like homes, and our uncles no longer seem like family, but instead like zombies, eating at our flesh to satisfy their sexual urges.
Afraid to walk around and feel comfortable in our own skins. As they are now too heavy for our bones.
With spiteful words you held me captive, like a gun in my face your hate is misplaced. White skin, light skin but for me not the right skin. Judging me with no crime committed.
Recklessly pointing a finger, eager to prove your worth by disproving mine.

I am not a feminist

Do you know how much effort it took our forefathers to teach our parents who now teach us how to live? Do you know the amount of revolution and fights it takes us to fight against sexism, rape, gender based violence and/or genital mutilation?
No! I guess you don’t. Because they refuse to mention, but rather, they expect the victims to be trained and encouraged to ignore it, to suppress it, to push through it, to pretend that nothing is happening, to not complain, to not make a mess, to not be a burden, to be happy and kind even if they have no reason to be, to Look presentable even if they don’t feel like it.
What nonsense…
But I’m just another person with a view hoping my voice get heard.
And more importantly, I’m a woman.

I am not anti-cultural,
I am not a racist,
I am not a feminist,
and I want to be free to move around the world without being labeled by the things I am not;
without being judged by what I look like, but instead for who I am.
Like the way the moon is never confused for the sun and they both have their own time and opportunity to shine. Life is too short to live for other people’s approval.
And yeah it’s true that most of us don’t remember who we were before the world told us who we should be.
But you can still redefine yourself, take control or be controlled.
I’m a person, a woman, a sister, a friend, a pillar of the earth.
Those are the only labels I shall conform to.

Written by: Dark Thoughts

Seven Ways I Love You.

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When I tell you I love you
I want you to know that love is not just a word for me,
Love means beautiful;
that you’re beautiful than silver linings across blue skies on sunny days.
than hues of sparkles on fireflies tails.
Than snowflakes in the Antarctic regions.
That you’re radiant like indigo in rainbows that succeed stormy weathers
When the sun rises again and the earth blossoms green.

When I tell you that I love you,
I want you to know that I didn’t fall in love on adrenaline.
I want you to know that this is not an infatuation or lustful desires of sexual gratification.
that it is not because of your race, but the many life’s races we’ve ran and won together.
It is not because you’re white or black,
Love for me knows no coloration.
It is because you are a human and I’m a human too.

Dreams they say are not what we see when asleep, but rather that which keeps us awake.
So when I tell you that I love you, I want you to know you are my dreams, you’re the reason I stay awake.
Remember that time you texted me at 3:00am saying you can’t sleep?
I was awake too thinking of you.
See, our hearts beat in synergy, And this love control even our eyelids!

Growing up, I learn that we should get lost in those things we love.
That we should pursue them with great determination and ambitiousness.
So when I tell you that I love you, I want you to know that “Love” is the magic word I say to get lost in you.
I let my feelings grip me at the abdomen, and I wander freely in a world filled with thoughts of you.

You are the muse to my every song.
The other arc of my life that is a semicircle.
You’re the wind that I set my sails for.
You drive me in better directions over boisterous waves,
So when I tell you that I love you,
I want you to know that you’re the reason I mend my broken sail.
I patch them carefully, stitch them in their rightful positions
And wait for you to blow my direction.

When the sun rises in the morning,
For me it’s not the dawn of a new day.
It’s just another day with you.
For you are the dawn of new beginnings in my life.
You rose behind dark clouds and rolled my fragmented pieces into bundles of joy,
You taught me that roses can still be beautiful in winter and flowers can blossom in fall.

There are days when our hairs will turn grey,
And our sights will go blurred.
Our steps may falter and our hands tremble around the coffee mug.
There are times when your smile may grow wrinkles,
And my laughter will sound creaky.
But When I tell you that I love you,
I want you to know that I meant till infinity.
I want you to know that the changing of time is indirectly proportional to
The magnitude of my affection,
That love is synonymous to life for me,
So as long as my heart beat darling,
It’ll beat for you.

Written by: StoryTeller

If I were you

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If I were you, I’d buy me flowers.
Because, like me and you, they represent lovers.
I’d let my feelings flow and make them grow.
Like flowers, I’d let my pollen show.
I’d share my emotions and accept all the motions
I wouldn’t hide. I’d show up with a wide stride.
Because you in love with me, it binds.

I’d be honest before it’s too late,
I’d take me and make me my mate.
I’d show me how much I care,
For me; I’d take that dare.

I’d tell me “I miss you” because I know you do.
I’d tell me “I love you” and “I’m lucky to have you”.
I’d mesmerize me in the holiness of soul quenching
romantic words of poetry and reality.
I’d dance with me from dusk till dawn,
I’d do everything I can while I have the chance.

If I were you,
I’d offer me my coat when nights get cold,
‘Cause baby, I’m a diamond mixed with a little bit of gold.
Dance with me in the dark,
See how my diamond mixed with a little bit of gold shines so bright
Entice my soul with my beauty underneath the lights of a thousand stars.

I won’t be a leech,
I’d take me to the beach,
Take barefooted walks on the shores
And write “I love yous” in the sand.
I’d share my desires,
My yearnings and my dreams.

I’d take me to concerts,
Buy my favorite foods,
Dine me with my favorite wines,
‘Cause darling, I’m so divine.

I’d give me my favorite shoes,
And make me my muse.
Present me with hundreds of books from my favorite authors,
Because, sweetie, I know I matter.

If I were you,
I’d take me on field trips.
Together we’d feel the sun’s settings and its risings,
Marvel in the happy and sad ‘singings’ of the birds.
We’d bask in the beauty and gloriousness of the trees,
And bathe in the feelings of the sharp piercings of the edges of grass.

If I were you,
I’d take me on candle light dinners,
Write me love letters addressed to “My Beloved”,
Take me to the zoo to see my favorite creatures,
Shower me with love in abundance,
‘Cause darlingest, I am your ‘beloveliest’.

If I were you…I’d do all this and more.
I’d love me from the bottom of my soul if I were you,
But I’m not.

Written by: Tea Brown


Armed Forces Day in Liberia, West Africa

Liberia had an urgent need,
and these brave ones raised hands.
No hesitation held them back,
they were proud to take a stand.

They left their beloved wives,
And gave up normal lives
to serve this country they embraced the strives.

They fought for freedom-peace
on strange shores.
Some lost good friends,
Others their lives
In bloody and brutal wars.

These bold hearts answered a call
to support us,
their country needed
the skills they brought.

We salute every one of them,
The noble and the brave,
the ones still with us here today,
and those who rest in the graves.

So here’s to our country’s heroes;
And here’s to our country’s heroines,
they’re a cut above the rest;
let’s give the honor due to the country’s best.

Written by: De-sun (Sunny Crawford)

It takes a village to raise a child

“During our days,”
A phrase I’m tired of hearing, a phrase that old folks begin sentences with… as if they had the privilege of the iPhone that they now enjoy “during our days”.
But I don’t fuss with broken minds and faint spirits, neither do I dine with past glories. They pique my taste buds, readying me to share a meal with a past I cannot confirm, and the reality of the menu I do not enjoy.

What can one expect from history but unsatisfied cravings, and unquenched thirst?
It’s yesterday’s dinner, a graveyard with nothing to give, chapters and verses written by the devil to taunt us into believing a past that is expected to “lend hope”.
Hope that wouldn’t fill the bellies of our generation.
Hope that has failed for decades to deliver.
Hope, they say, “for change.”
Hope that has prompted us to gather with empty chinas for victuals that would leave us long dead before the next meal arrives, or hope that has perhaps led us to fend off the skins of our fellowmen for our own survival, and the survival of our seeds.

We’re tired…
Tired of only hearing what was, what is and what could be.
Tired of failed policies and unwarranted hope.
Tired of trying to resurrect a meal that has been digested.
Tired of dreaming of a dream that was yesterday’s reality.
We are tired of a hope that breathes as shadow that leaves no footprint. We are simply tired.

Let’s go off at a tangent,
Africa used to be the land of the upright men, the birthplace of civilisation, the Kingdom in the sky, our motherland.
But, that was all breakfast, served, eaten, digested and gone.

Now what is Africa?
The most corrupt continent, the scar on the conscience of the world, the Dark Continent, the mystery the world “must” solve, the lunch we never saw coming, but the lunch we got served, the lunch we must eat but never enjoy.

Never the dream of our forefathers, but the existing reality of our day. It’s 4:30 and dinner will be soon; must we continue to wait and be served while we chatter about breakfast over unclean lunch plates, or must we put our hands to the plow and fetch food we would enjoy? Must we still talk about breakfast when lunch was ugly and dinner might be no different, or must we wait on Martin Luther King, Jr. to have yet another dream?

Our past don’t define us, our future should never worry us, but our present must propel us!
May we do with this country what we’re unable to do with our promises – to keep them.
The whole course of our country’s history has led us here. Let us not ditch what has been bequeathed to us.

No matter the dream, it takes a village to raise a child.

Written by: Simple (Linnia J. F. Chea)


two gray wolves
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Dark Thoughts: Lying in your chest feels like a home away from home.

I recklessly go about boasting about our relationship…

I loved you without boundaries and all you could do was lie right to my face.

Telling me you love me when you know you don’t. 

You had me looking stupid in front of my girls.

Most especially my best friend, the one you said you mistook for me.

The one you said smells like me.

Tedd: Wait, hold up! You recklessly give me your what?

How could that be, when every truth I ever said, you somehow turned into a lie?

My smile was bright as hell, but because of you it’s turned gloomy and dark. You answer ‘no’ to every question, whether I ask it or not. Plus every time I came around, you refuse to open up and let me inside… How we gonna live like that?

What is love if I can’t even get a lovely touch from the beautiful black queen that I so madly love? Or what is love of I can’t even sense a little bit of acceptance in your voice when we talk? This house is burning and it’s all your fault.

You’re way too busy planning your best friend’s wedding or birthday party that you don’t get to see what we’re missing or should be having in our relationship. And I know I’ve done some wrongs, but in my defense they’re just reactions, which of course are equal and opposite…

It’s just the law of nature. If you push me, I push back, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you… B‘cause I still do.

Dark Thoughts: Remember those goose bumps you saw on my skin when you came home last night? They were the chills from the text messages I read on your laptop.

See, you think because you are the man so you have the right to just damage my heart, and leave me in the dark? 

You think that’s it? You are nothing but a coward. All I’ve done is love you. 

I loved you till I forgot how to love myself.

But I guess I keep coming back to you because it has always been something real. 

I am a female, so I guess it is my role to keep us tight.

Tedd: Well, you throw so much shots, it’s almost as if you think my heart is bulletproof. I’m a guy, yes, but I feel pain too. 

Together: Though you never get to see me cry, but I hurt deep too.  So if you’re ever sorry, well, me too.

I want to give you my heart, but I’m scared you won’t give me yours too. And I need a heart to live. My body still needs blood, and my soul is not yet saved. I swear I love you, but it’s a risk that I can’t take… Unless we take it together… so let’s take it together. Though we are only humans, this love will last forever. Through sunshine and through stormy weathers.

Dark Thoughts: But you’re always lying.

Tedd: No you’re always lying.

Dark Thoughts: You go out with my friends and you don’t tell me nothing.

Tedd: You asked me to take her out and now it’s me you’re blaming.

Dark Thoughts: What the hell were you thinking?

Tedd: No, what the hell were you thinking? I’m always doing my best, but you don’t even see that I’m trying. We just had a beautiful resolution, but now we’re back to the beginning. What the hell are we doing?

Dark Thoughts: I guess love isn’t perfect, it’s full of so much pain. We fall down, we get up, and we do the same again.

Tedd: But no matter how hard it gets, it doesn’t change a thing. We may fight sometimes, but you’re still my queen, and I’m still your king, and that will never change. I love you

Dark Thoughts: I love you too.

A Lovers Duet By: Dark Thoughts & Tedd

My Identity

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Written By: Witty Gladiator (Kerry Kennedy)

Sometimes I wonder who I’d be if God hadn’t taken me by force.
See, I did many things…all of which did me bad, but I loved them and I loved holding on to the lust I had for those things.
I remember I used to love plunging myself into sadness everyday…so every day was just another day like the one before.
I was the smart Kerry; the brilliant one, the one everyone would come to when they needed some help, but no one knew the war I had to fight every day.
No one knew how I had to get up every day and hope that things would get better for me and I would stop, just stop, but that didn’t happen.
See, no one did most of that to me.
I searched for love in places that provided none…oh, I loved listening to songs by Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Calum Scott, and the rest of them, and boy, these guys know how to make a man cry, but I loved them and my phone was full of their songs, so every day I would put those earphones in my ear and just drown myself in sadness.
I wanted love, and relationships, and these songs made me want them more.

So, it wasn’t long till I started finding love and putting these things I learned in songs and videos into practice.
See, when you don’t know who you are, peer pressure takes you away.
It drives you far away from the real you and gives you a fake identity.
All my friends had girlfriends, some more than one, so I thought I needed one too. I thought the things they did were the best so I let myself be taken away.
I didn’t know who I was so I became someone different; someone addicted to finding love in relationships and hurting people in the process.

But, it wasn’t until I met God that I knew who I am in Him…I didn’t know that I am a masterpiece all by myself and that I needed no one to make me see that.
It wasn’t until God took me into His Throne Room that I came into this knowledge of the beauty I possess.
I didn’t know that I am made in His image and likeness.
See, if God had a body, He would look like me, and there’s so much beauty in God so that means there’s so much beauty in me.
I’ve gotten to a place where I know my identity…I’m a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a joint heir with Christ, the one in charge of the world!
I’m a possessor! I’m a Prince, the true vine!
I am the righteousness of God…His perfection; His rightness and I am subject to no one…not even my emotions.
I am in charge; a general, the one formed after God’s Holiness.
I am who God says I am, and this is my identity.